All the webstars on the stage of Romics

All young visitors of the XXIII edition of Romics will find their idols ready to welcome them as every year at pavilion 6, where they will be able to enjoy their performances with the opportunity to meet the most famous Creators in this moment. Organized events and meet&greet are expecting all fans of  webstars.

With over 7 milion followers and over 2 bilion views on YouTube, Favij returns to Romics, with his peculiar, breezy tone of voice and striking sense of humour. He will be present at Romics on Saturday 7 April. MATES the most famous Italian group of Creators composed by Vegas, Anima, St3pNy and SurrealPower will liven up pavilion 6 on Sunday 8.

There is a lot of expectation also for the two most beloved female youtubers: Eleonora Gaggero, actress and well-known face on television, who will present to her public the novel published by  Fabbri  Se è con te sempre, instead Lady Giorgia, youtuber strength of  100.000.000 views, will present her first book Squishy (Magazzini Salani).