China Team won the WCS 2017

The WCS Team China won the world cosplay championship 2017 with the performance: Blood the Last Vampire.

A heartfelt thanks to the girls of  WCS Team Italy who after reaching the final have given their utmost to try to win the prestigious prize.



The WCS 2017 winners are:

First place: China (BLOOD: The last vampire)

Second place: Mexico (Trigun)

Third place: Japan (Ayakashi Bakeneko)


Sponsor Awards

Air Asia Award: China

Brother Award: France (XXX Holic)

Laguna Ten Bosch Award: China

Niconico Award: China


Finalists selected on Saturday

Group A – Japan, Vietnam, Puerto Rico, Taiwan, Brazil;

Gruppo B – Italy, Myanmar, Canada, Mexico, Germany, China;

Gruppo C – Indonesia, Russia, France, Finland, Switzerland, Portugal.

Il WCS Team China vince il campionato del mondo cosplay con la performance: Blood the Last Vampire.

Un grazie di cuore al lavoro delle ragazze del WCS Team Italy che hanno raggiunto la finale e gareggiato fino all'ultimo per l'ambito premio.




WCS Team Italy 2017