Cristina D'Avena Special Guest of the XXIII edition

Cristina D’Avena, the great voice of the most beloved cartoon theme songs,  

 Special Guest of the XXIII edition of Romics


The twenty-third edition of Romics will involve among its protagonists Cristina D'Avena, beloved voice of the cartoon theme songs which have been the soundtrack for generations of children and young people.  The singer will perform at  Romics proposing her most famous hits.  The event takes on a special meaning in the occasion of the presence of Tsukasa Hojo at Romics, the author of the well-known Tv series  “Cat’s eye” of which Cristina has performed the Italian theme song.


Born in Bologna, Cristina made her debut at the age of  3 singing "Il walzer del moscerino" which won the third place at the tenth edition of  Zecchino d'Oro. Her singer career started when, still an adolescent, she got recommended to Alessandra Valeri Manera, manager of  ‘’tv dei ragazzi’’ on the newborn Canale 5. After having held a music audition, Cristina signed an exclusive contract  and soon recorded the song "Bambino Pinocchio’’. Since then she has never ceased to record music and, thanks to the great amount of theme songs performed, her voice is extraordinarily and uninterruptedly present on the italian television  since the early 80's for at least once a day, 7 days per week, 365 days a year. In 1986 she reached top popularity  playing the role of  Licia in the Tv series for kids "Love me Licia”, based on the Japanese anime “Kiss me Licia” also becoming a very famous Tv personality.


During her long career Cristina D’Avena has played a lot of concerts which have always achieved a huge success with the public.  Her live performances are attended by not only children, usual lovers of animated cartoons, but even by an adult audience. In the new millennium the singer has continued and still continues to play concerts throughout  Italy, whether alone or  together with the group Gem Boy.


Cristina also worked as Tv and radio presenter and in 1998 she made her cinema debut performing the role of herself in a scene of the film "Cucciolo" directed by Neri Parenti together with the actor Massimo Boldi.


In 2012 D’Avena celebrated her thirtieth career anniversary with the release of a music collection  entitled "30 e poi...", composed by three CD’s which bring together theme songs of the most famous animated cartoons  over the 80’s, 90’s and 2000’s; unreleased theme songs, a reinterpretation of the classic Christmas  "O Holy Night", a mix of her historical 80’s successes, a cover of Lucio Dalla’s  "L'anno che verrà", a DVD and  a Photo Book. In summer 2014 she launched her personal record company, Crioma Music.


In 2016 she took part in the 66th Festival di Sanremo as a special guest; in 2017 Cristina D’Avena with the collection ‘’Duets’’reinterpreted some of the most famous cartoon theme songs together with some of the most important italian singers such as Ermal Meta, Noemi, Giusy Ferreri and Loredana Bertè with whom she performed  the main single and cult theme song  “Cat’s eye”.


Cristina D’Avena will be present on Sunday 8 April at 16.00 on the stage of Pala Romics, Sala Grandi Eventi e Proiezioni.