An exposition of  posters, tributes to artist, prints and litographs created over the past fifty years of life of the most beloved and read criminal of Italian comics.  A tribute to Sergio Zaniboni, great Maestro of comics. The exhibition also proposes truly unique pieces such as the one of Mimmo Rotella made with the  famous method of  “torn posters” passing through works created  over the years  by artists such as Milo Manara and Ferenc Pinter and obviously  all the most significant Diabolik’s illustrators. If there was ever any need  of confirming the importance of  Sergio Zaniboni for the graphic evolution of  Diabolik  it should be enough remember how his illustrations  have always been the most sought after works by sponsors, licensors, producers of gadgets dedicated to the King of Terror. For this reason Romics dedicates to his works a section of the exhibition Diabolik at the wall. Our thanks go to publisher  Astorina for the collaboration in organizing the exhibition.