Evangelion Impact

The Cultural Association EVA IMPACT returns at Romics with the event Evangelion Impact.

From 5 to 8 October it will be possible to visit the travelling exhibition "Evangelion Impact" curated by Ivan Ricci (kawaii-style) which involves numerous italian artists and consisting of 32 original illustrations created following different styles and techniques.

The  panel "10 years of Rebuild of Evangelion", cured by Ilaria Azzurra Caiazza and Filippo Petrucci (Distopia Evangelion) will be held on 7 October at 12,00 at Officina del fumetto (pav. 7). The New Movie Edition of Evangelion will be analized fucusing on the first film of the Tetralogy now reaching its tenth anniversary. Following a question and answer session  with the public.


On the same day at 16,10 at Officina del fumetto (pav. 7) the film "Evangelion: 1.0 You Are (Not) Alone" will be shown by kind permission of Dynit.