Great success with the public. Tsukasa Hōjō, Massimo Rotundo and Martin Freeman received the Golden Romics Award

Romics, the International Festival of Comics, Animation, Cinema and Games which was held from 5 to 8 April in the usual location which consists of the New Fair Trade of  Rome, in its twenty-third edition  repeated the huge success of the previous editions considerably surpassing two hundred thousand visitors and  registering a media attention which is really remarkable for this type of event. Great authors, themed exhibitions, comic books presentations, areas dedicated to cinema and games and also the usual institutional partnerships. Martin Freeman was the first actor to receive the Golden Romics award, he became a real icon of cinema thanks to his roles on  The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, The Hobbit and on Tv series BBC Sherlock; Tsukasa Hōjō, master of Japanese comics, creator of Cat’s eye and City Hunter, for the first time in Italy and Massimo Rotundo, illustrator, painter, concept artist and teacher, awarded for his  thirty years career.


In this edition of  Romics new creative arts made their debut  and among which the first edition of  Romics Body Art Contest. Entertainment with comics, cinema, videogames, web and an always a great attention  for the world of fantasy novel and illustration aimed at children, with the presence of writers and illustrators involved in meetings, introductions and  ad-hoc initiatives. Among the special guests of this edition: Elena Casagrande, Veronica Frizzo, Serena Originario, Giada Perissinotto, Angela Piacentini, Arianna Rea, Eva Rossetti, Yoshiko Watanabe and Genea, who have enchanted visitors with  live performances and exhibition of their best works on the event ‘’Non Solo Principesse – Donne Che Disegnano Donne’’, set up by Romics and Scuola Romana dei Fumetti and the exhibition of extraordinary faces of women, icons of strength and beauty, created by the artist of the plastic Lady Be. Highly appreciated also the  other exhibitions: a journey through  a popular Rome thanks to The Crow – Memento Mori, illustrated by Werther Dell’Edera and Matteo Scalera,  the greatest artistic works of the two Golden Romics awarded artists Tsukasa Hōjō and Massimo Rotundo between West, beauty, elegance and humour.  Great success for the presence of important names of International comics, the australian Simon Hanselmann and the french Leila Leiz, then also for the Italian comics artists Paolo Barbieri, Lorenzo Terranera, Emanuele Rosso, Mauro Laurenti, Alberto Ponticelli. The Romics Comic Books Contest, organized in collaboration with Romics and Cepell - Centro per il libro e la lettura e Istituto autonomo del Ministero dei Beni Culturali e delle Attività Culturali e del Turismo, went to Luna del mattino (Coconino Press- Fandango) by Francesco Cattani. Real novelty in this edition, the first New Talents Award, which offered an economic reward  and the opportunity to promote her own works among the most important comics festivals to Viktoria by Gaia Cardinali (Tunué). The New Talents Area hosted young emergent artist , with a high request for the Self Area and the related meeting with publishers,  ready to listen the most interesting projects. Music was also protagonist with the fourth edition of the K-pop Contest Italia Special Romics and the live performance of Cristina D’Avena, with the cartoons themed songs  remained imprinted in the memory of entire generations.  The fifteenth edition of  the Romics Dubbing Gran Galà who saw the presence of many voices of  ‘’Hollywood’’ and the career award ceremony. Over one hundred simultaneous events which took place in ten locations: in the Movie Village, sold out for Frank Matano and his new film Tonno spiaggiato, the panel and the live painting dedicated to Jurassic World – Fallen Kingdom (Universal Pictures International Italy), the meeting with director and cast of the film La profezia dell’Armadillo (Fandango), the exciting set dedicated to the film Rampage (Warner Bros. Entertainment Italia) and a presentation of the upcoming film Ghost Stories, where Freeman is main actor. The Cosplay competition, with the International selections of the   cosplayers who will represent Italy at the Clara Cow’s Cosplay Cup and a round-trip air ticket to Japan for the Best Single Cosplay. At Pala Games also took place the final stages of the italian championship of  League of Legends, Lega Prima – Romics, organized in collaboration with GEC, Giochi Elettronici Competitivi, the Warner area dedicated to Justice League, Free Play and Tournaments marked Euronics, Microsoft, Ubisoft, Trust Gaming, Nintendo and Sony Playstation; the presence of  some of the most beloved youtubers such as Favij, Mates, Lady Giorgia and the media phenomenon Geppo. Wide offer for the reading  -from thrillers to science-fiction, from young adult novels to youtubers- with great publishers (Mondadori, Giunti, DeA Planeta, il gruppo GEMS, Rizzoli, Fanucci, Gallucci, Fabbri, Newton and Compton, Edizioni E/O, Sem Libri, Exorma, Elpis) and the presence of  famous writers: Massimiliano Bruno, Mirko Zilay, Marcello Simoni, Eleonora Gaggero, Lady Giorgia, Giulia Besa, Irene Grazzini, Laura Facchi, Francesco D’Adamo, Max Giovagnoli, Margherita Loy, Luca Poldelmengo, Roberto Venturini and Matteo Meschiari.


Romics awaits you at the next edition that will be held from 4 to 7 October 2018.