Luca Buzzi, the Italian cosplayer tours the world


Luca Buzzi, the Italian cosplayer tours the world

After the victory at Nagoya and Romics, he won the Yamato Cosplay Cup in San Paolo


Luca Buzzi is the new cosplay world champion at the Yamato Cosplay Cup International in São Paolo with his Griffith character from the Berserk series. After the 2010 title at the Nagoya WCS with Giancarlo Di Pierro, the rise continues of one of the most famous Italian cosplayers in the world.


Thanks to his victory, Italy, which was already defending champion with last year’s success, is confirmed as the international cosplay country of reference for creativity, inventiveness and craftsmanship in conjunction with new technologies in the creation of costumes, thanks to a population of enthusiasts who today have become real professionals.


Born in Desio (MI) in 1979, Buzzi has built up his passion for being a cosplayer over the years. His more elaborate performances can take months of preparation to define the direction, edit the audio and video as well as design and build the elements of the scenery. His main inspiration comes from the series or the game from which the character is drawn, always aiming at somehow recreating the original atmosphere.


“Victory at Romics was essential”, explains Buzzi. “Otherwise I will not have been able to go to Brazil as a Yamoto Cup representative! I am very pleased that Romics continues to believe in international competitions and is committed to organising the national selections for different events”. It was precisely at Romics that the idea was born for the performance I saw him triumph with in São Paulo: “The sketch I brought to Yamato was the result of experiments with single sketches done with Griffith. I did my first performances with him at Romics in 2011”.


Buzzi has strong ties with the Rome festival and considers a testing ground to be very useful for improving himself thanks to the presence of capable and aggressive participants who stimulate effort and competitiveness, it being the source of new stimuli that have led him to continue to compete. “Romics is a demanding lover”, says Buzzi, “that I have the pleasure to come and visit as often as I can, on various occasions, in order to meet the objectives of my performances”.

There is great joy about the victory in São Paolo: “After the work was done, the victory was a great satisfaction. Since organising the trip, I was very worried that something would break during the flight, the luggage wouldn’t arrive, something cataclysmic could happen… In three minutes I will have played my all. The victory was the icing on the cake, but the real satisfaction was seeing people congratulating me right after the end of the show. At that moment, I was already satisfied and ready to accept the results whatever they were”. Despite the success, Luca Buzzi continues to dream. Amongst his projects for the future, there is his victory as best female character in an important competition, returning to group work and a new armour project.

The next unmissable meeting for cosplay enthusiasts is on 6 August at the Nagoya World Cosplay Summit that will see 35 countries facing each other, including, of course, Italy which is represented by Tatiana Motta and Giulia Ghersi, winners of last year’s Romics Cosplay Award. From 5 to 8 October, Romics will host the unique occasion for cosplayers from all over Italy to win the selection for the World Cosplay Summit 2018 in Japan, for the Yamato Cosplay Cup 2018 in Brazil and for Eurocosplay 2018 in London. 



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