Magritte. Discovering the painter


Workshop with Margherita Loy dedicated to the volume  Magritte. This is not a book.

Guided by the author, following this artistic workshop children will first learn to know Magritte and his most successful works, then they will able to create a personal  “work of art” inspired by those just admired.


The book:  Magritte. This is not a book

A story, an itinerary through images that accompanies  the readers at the discovery of the artist René Magritte. Margherita Loy uses with the master of surrealist painting her characteristic way to tell the art, on which images combine with narration.  The reproductions of the most famous paintings, from the raining men to the unmistakable green apples, are the guiding thread of a an original story easy-to-read, for introducing the children into the world of the Belgian artist.  


Magritte. Alla scoperta del pittore


Thursday  5 April at 11.00  pav. 5