Massimo Rotundo - Author contamination

Beautiful original plates along a special exhibition- path which tells a multifaceted artist like Rotundo, from painting to theatre, from comics to cinema, also including the teaching approach.

An artist at work: within the exhibition area, among his original works, sketches, installations and images of Tex, it will be possible to follow live the creation of a watercolour on canvas in maxi format, performed directly by Maestro Rotundo.


“The comics works of  Massimo Rotundo are an occasion for visiting many different worlds, starting from his publications. In France for Albin Michel and Delcourt, then for author magazines such as L’Eternauta, Comic Art, Lanciostory and Orient Express, until the Bonelli series. Inside comics, other worlds  welcome us. The artistic reconstructions in Ex Libris Eroticis, the historical backgrounds in Sera Torbara, Volto Nascosto, Shanghai Devil and Tex. The alternative future in works such as Il Pescatore, Brendon and Tovarisc Nina. The classic tales in I Grandi Miti Greci a Fumetti by Luciano De Crescenzo and Il Barbiere di Siviglia for the Teatro dell'Opera of Rome. From satire to  genre-erotic, from noir to fantasy, from war to old west, we are attending an uninterrupted  journey of a recognizable sign though in constant metamorphosis.”  Alessandro Ruggieri

<< …It was the time of the author comics magazines: Linus, Alter Alter, Il Mago, Eureka, Orient Express, Corto Maltese, Comic Art, L'Eternauta. “At the beginning authors I was interested in were those similar to painters. Later I discovered  Moebius and the  'ligne claire’’, in other words  the clear and limpid lines typical of french comics and  this allowed me to start of publishing also in France.  Thus I realized that the art of drawing  needed to be as one with the  writing, it had not to be only illustration: the sign is related to the text”. Rotundo has worked both with scriptwriters and his own texts. >>

Luca Valtorta, interview with Massimo Rotundo