The return of "Darkwood Monitor", the first Zagor magazine


SCLS Magazine, an organization entirely dedicated to the character of Zagor, presents at Romics  the reprint in a single volume of the seven issues of  “Darkwood Monitor”, official organ of the historical Zagor Club. Founded by  Giuseppe Pollicelli, Daniele Bevilacqua and Sergio Climinti, Darkwood Monitor still represents a fundamental point of reference for all those who are concerned with  "The Spirit with the Hatchet" from a critical and informational point of view, so much so that the leaders of SCLS Magazine referred to it as «the magazine which has opened the minds of the readers of Zagor ». Published between 1997 and 2000, the seven issues of Darkwood Monitor for a long time were impossibile to find, particurarly n. 2 which was published in a limited edition, and reproposing them in a single volume SCLS Magazine for the occasion has provided three written annotations, two of which are  signed by Moreno Burattini, current editor of Zagor, and by Giuseppe Pollicelli, in the past president of  Zagor Club.