Tsukasa Hojo Golden Romics for the XXIII edition

Tsukasa Hojo, the father of Cat’s Eye, City Hunter, and Angel Heart, Golden Romics for the XXIII edition

The most famous thieves of japanese comics come to Romics


The XXIII edition of Romics will celebrate the great mangaka Tsukasa Hojo by awarding him the Golden Romics for his career. Famous creator of the manga series Cat’s Eye, City Hunter, and Angel Heart, Hojo has been passionate about comics since childhood thanks to his relationship with a friend who aspired to become a professional cartoonist. After his debut in 1980 as a professional mangaka on Shonen Jump with the piece Ore wa Otoko da!, he began a close collaboration with Nobuhiko Horie that would lead him to the publication of Cat's Eye in 1981. The piece, focusing on the stories of three able and agile thieves chasing down works of art, immediately conquered the public and brought him immediate popularity, both for the themes addressed and for the, then unique, choice to present female characters as protagonists in a market where the female figure was relegated to a secondary role. The success was huge: in 1983 Tokyo Movie Shinsha would go on to create an anime that would be broadcasted in Italy in 1985, as well as in France, Spain, Germany, Brazil, China and the Philippines. In 1985 he debuted the investigative series City Hunter on the Shonen Jump. Its success at home was even greater than that of Cat’s Eye and definitively established Hojo as the leading artist of Japanese comics. In 1987 the Sunrise studio created an anime series of City Hunter which was exported to dozens of countries. In 2001, based on the consolidated success of City Hunter, Hojo created Angel Heart, a spin-off of the series set in a parallel future. Angel Heart also resulted in an anime series by TMS Entertainment and broadcasted in Japan from 2005 to 2006, though it is currently unpublished in Italy.


Tsukasa Hojo is famous for his style, characterized by its elegant and refined lines and its great level of realism: while following the classic genre of Japanese comics, his characters are portrayed with mostly western traits. Dramatic content, deep concepts and situations that often analyze the most complex aspects of the human soul, and a good dose of humor make his work suitable for an adult audience.


The XXIII edition of Romics celebrates this Japanese artist’s career by awarding him the Golden Romics and with a monographic exhibition that will show tables and illustrations of his main works: Cat’s Eye, City Hunter, and Angel Heart. Hojo will also be the protagonist of a meeting at the Pala Romics which will go over his long career and celebrate his great international successes.