Yoshiyuki Tomino and Nahoiro Ogata interviewed by Romics

Person interviewed: Yoshiyuki Tomino


 You have just received the Golden Romics, how important are awards in your amazing career?

I think that anyone is really pleased to receive an award. Receiving public recognition  is always important and means to me a stimulus to my work.

 Gundam is a myth which crosses generations,  why does this character continue to fascinate so much people?

It’s very difficult for an author to answer this question, I find it quite embarassing, I don’t think to be so famous.


When you started doing this job there was no tradition in this sector. Did you think to do this job since you were a boy?

Yes, actually this job was not socially recognized, there were neither schools nor teachers, but it was the only thing I could do, I had no choice because I only had these special skills.



What do you think about the increasing use of digital means to the detriment of manual drawing?

I do believe digital means very interesting,  but I am convinced that a good product should begin with manual drawing. 

Person interviewed: Nahoiro Ogata


How did your friendship start?

I had been working in the company for two years and I was dealing with production, I was 24 and Master Tomino 60. At that time we had to check an animation so we had to work throughout the night. Once I finished my work I went home to rest and I went back to work in the afternoon. When I arrived I soon realized that Master Tomino was already there since the morning, I thought: this director is a force of nature!


How social networks have changed  your relationship with fans?

Gundam has existed for many years. It is a cartoon which has a special relationship with fans.  Many like me, were already fans before starting to work in this project.

Fans of Gundam create stories, contents and in Sunrise we take in consideration their suggestions and ideas.  


Can you present us Gundam Thunderbolt December Sky, what are the news?

This is the film adaptation of the homonymous comic-book, the main characters are two, instead of one, they are enemies: they listen to jazz, 50’and 60’pop music and both have a Mobile Suit.