Mario Gomboli - Golden Romics of the XVIII edition

Mario Gomboli - Golden Romics of the XVIII edition


More or less all members of Mario Gomboli’s family dedicated themselves to drawing (mother, granpa, aunts …) for work or hobbies. On the other hand only few of them ‘’used to write’’. Although having always had between his hands papers, pencils and brushes he soon realized that he couldn’t fully compete with similar figures so he decided that it would have been better “ to write for those who know how to draw”.

After moving from Brescia to Milan, during his high school years he met Alfredo Castelli , at that time author of fanzines dedicated to comics, but above all collaborator of Giussani sisters. Thanks to him he presented himself to Diabolik’s creators and started (1966) to  propose ideas and contents for the king of terror. 

Since then he has been continuing to do this, even while he was graduating in Architecture, while he was writing scriptures for carousels and children tv programs,  while he was working as advertiser and graphic designer for studio Arcoquattro, while he was creating new comic-book series with Milo Manara, Bonvi and Massimo Mattioli, while he was teaching as university professor in Algeria. In short, Diabolik became his shadow, or viceversa. In 1993 Mario Gomboli returned in a continuous manner to write subjects; in 1997 he was assigned responsibility of Diabolik’s adaptation for cartoons Saban/FoxKids; in 1999 Luciana Giussani wanted him as a business associate and general manager of Casa Editrice Astorina and in 2001 at the moment of founder’s death, he inherited the complete direction of the famous character.

When we asked him: “What does Diabolik intend to do in future?” he said:

“Diabolik will continue to be unpredictable, as always”

And perhaps, that applies to him too.