Play Space 2 - Dal Tenda


Little time now remains before the beginning of the XXIII Edition of Romics and Dal Tenda also this time is preparing to play a leading role, with all its publishing products, many innovations and offers for every taste!



In addition to board games – upcoming or already on the market – available for demos and sale, Dal Tenda will arrange, within the proper area dedicated to the event, TCG tournements such as: "Magic, The Gathering", "Pokémon", "Yugi-Oh!", "Vanguard"...



Below, the titles Dal Tenda and the gaming activities that you can find within the Play Space - Area Dal Tenda at Romics XXIII!



[NEW!] Suicidium Party (expansion for Suicidium)  : Simple, funny and and irreverent, Suicidium is the taboo game where the aim is put an end to your existence (as a joke, of course!).


[NEW!] Santa Maria : The game sees each player setting up and expanding their own colony in the new world at the start of the 16th century..


[ANTEPRIMA] Dragon’s Path :  Will be you to find the old dragon ?



Tolomeo : “A game of stars and constellations!”


Rainbow Rage : “It is not a rainbow like the others!”


Ok play :  “Bring it everywhere and play it with anybody”


Drinkopoly : “Drinkopoly, the game that assure you an unforgettable experience!’’


Parsec - Age of Colonies :  “Experience together with your friends the epic fights for the conquest of the galaxy!’’


Activity Calendar


Every day, throughout the day, Built Tournements and Draft of Cardfight!!! Vanguard, Cardfight!! Vanguard G and Dragoborne Rise to Supremacy, minimun number of 8 players (costs and premiums  to be decided at that time)


Every day , at 15:30, minimum number of 8 players, Built Tournements of  Cardfight!! Vanguard  win-a-box (subscription 8 euro)